End Emotional Eating – The Course

You know that managing eating is difficult when you eat to cope with emotions.
We know it’s possible to end emotional eating using the right tools.

Let’s face it. It’s scary to try something different. After all, you have probably tried more than a dozen fad diets or eaten 100 “last meal” before your diet begins. Don’t give up! Here’s an opportunity to:

  • Understand emotional eating
  • Quit relying on willpower
  • Work with your environment
  • Develop confidence in your power to make choices that work for you.

During the 12 sessions you will develop a foundation for regaining your Power Over Food. Within the first few minutes of class you will recognize that you are in the right place and with the right instructor to learn how to take charge of your life and manage your eating.  

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You will learn proven strategies developed by Dr. Lisa and adopted by over 2000 clients who were once in the same place you are right now – struggling with emotional overeating. Topics include:

  • Coming to Terms with Emotional Eating
  • Keys to Becoming a Lifelong Weight Manager
  • All in Your Head – Or is it?
  • Mind and Mood Matters
  • Mindful Eating
  • Dialing Down Emotional Intensity
  • Dodging the Triggers that Trip You Up
  • When You Talk to Yourself, What do you say?
  • How Diet Mentality Sabotages You
  • Stress Less, Lose More Through Balanced Living
  • Who’s in Your Corner?
  • Master Self-Motivation

About the Sessions! 90 minute classes for 12 sessions!
Topics are sequential, so you need to start with the first class
Material available by e-mail for any session missed

Only $390.00 for 12 class series!
Refresher course – $250.00.

What have you got to lose?
The help you’ve been looking for is only a click away!



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