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The single greatest benefit I got from your program was learning how to take care of myself. I was always good at taking care of everyone else. The pounds melted away and I realized that I could look at a brownie with cream cheese frosting two miles high and not care whether I had a bite or not. The food was no longer important. And if I really, really, really wanted a bite or two, I could have them without negative feelings or emotions.

I never thought I'd crave steamed broccoli. I never thought I'd believe the statement that "Diets don't work." They really don't! I never thought I'd look good naked! I never thought I would not be upset when someone commented on my curves. A week ago at the doctor's office, a little old lady told me, "I used to be heavier like you, but now the doctors can't figure out why I have a bloated belly and skinny legs." I just laughed to myself and thought, "Oh lady, if you only knew what I've been through!" and did not obsess about her comment one minute more. That was huge for me! This food stuff is a life-long journey and less and less I fall off the beaten path.

I don't know if you remember that when I first started with you over a year ago, I wanted lap band surgery. My insurance would not cover the procedure because my BMI was 34 and had to be 35. Wow! I was angry. What I got through your classes was so much better: a healthy way to manage eating and all the activities surrounding food. Thank you sooo much, Dr. Galper!

C.P., Phoenix, AZ

For me, the single greatest benefit of your program is, I learned why I overeat. I truly never thought that it was about the fact that I have poor boundaries and overextend myself, do for others and leave nothing for myself. Food was my glue that held everything together and I am proud to say, I don't NEED it anymore. It is so much less important in my life than what it used to be, but will always be something that I have to keep a conscious eye on.

If eating starts to get out of whack, what in my life is really the problem? I never thought I would be able to have the self confidence to truly not care what people think, be less of a people pleaser. So what if they don't like me? That is their problem, not mine. I can now concentrate on what I want to do, not what others think I should do. Obviously, if you eat poorly day after day, you will gain weight, but with the ammunition I got from you and my trainer, I'll be a much better evaluator of what goes into my mouth from now on. I'll definitely be more mindful, look to why I am overeating or indulging as opposed to just eating and hating myself later.

I actually have been doing very well with respect to my weight loss goals. In March, I made the decision to just do healthy eating every 2-3 hours and working out a lot. I lost 20 pounds in about six months that way. I am currently at 138 lbs, just about 10-15 lbs from my ideal healthy weight, and I feel really good about myself. I hope more people decide they need to evaluate how they gained the weight to begin with, and start learning how to figure that out. That is what you do best!

G. D., Phoenix, AZ

I never thought that I'd be able to feel this confident in myself. I knew that if I could change my eating habits, it would change my life. What I really could not anticipate or appreciate is the unbelievable and indescribable (though I'm trying to describe it) feeling of knowing that I am accomplishing the hardest thing I have ever done. Other difficult and painful things have happened in my life, but I always had food to rely on. Now I am learning to rely only on me. It is a powerful emotion and thought to know that "I am unstoppable and I can do this."

I am a work in progress and I will continue with this work, first and foremost because of my health and secondly because of the way it feels. What a wonderful and fantastic way to feel!

M. T., Phoenix, AZ

Your class series is fantastic, and I have recommended it whenever possible. I took it three times, have completely changed the way I eat and think about food, and have lost 35 lbs. I've gone from 215 lbs, size 1X, to 180 lbs, size Medium. I would like to slowly lose 20 more. The single greatest benefit is an increase in my Self Esteem. Someone wise said that "Self esteem is the fruit of discipline."

How true. Before I took your class, I did not think I would be able to conquer my eating disorder, which is linked to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. But I did, and it was not painful. It was fun and challenging. I love looking better in my clothes. I am proud and happy when my friends remark on how great I look. When I visit other places, like Europe, where American obesity is not the norm, I feel good there also.

I also achieved the medical benefits I expected. The arthritis in my right knee is so much better that I can play (and use the pedal) on the piano without a painful flare-up. My blood pressure is back to normal, and I know I have lowered my risk of diabetes, stroke, and heart attack. I feel happy that I have done the greatest thing I could do for my health. And I couldn't have done it without you! Thank you, Dr. Galper!

R. R., Phoenix, AZ

I thought once I lost the weight I'd be better. Things would fall into place and I'd be the person I always wanted to be. Lisa taught me to stop focusing on the weight. Stop waiting to live my life and start passionately pursuing my life, no matter my weight.

I have taken her advice and I'm on a journey I never thought I'd take. Do I still want to lose weight? You betcha, but not for any other reason except that I can do more of what I love to do. I went to Lisa to lose this weight. I will be leaving Lisa knowing who I am and what I want, believing I deserve better, no matter the number on the scale.

T. K., Phoenix, AZ

Hi Lisa What I learned was how intensely inter-related my eating habits are to my emotions. I have always known that I eat because I'm nervous, sad, or happy and so on, but your workshops related exact feelings to my eating patterns. The Hunger scale has been a great help in making me really listen to my body and ask myself why I want to eat when I'm not really hungry. Of course, I'm going to have that chocolate when I feel deprived, but at least I'm now thinking before I eat-asking myself why I really want it.

S.T., Phoenix, AZ

Having completed Dr. Galper's program, I now have a repertoire of strategies for an unlimited amount of unique circumstances that I can rely on to succeed in any environment. These smart strategies are not only permanently woven into my lifestyle, but I have learned how to become a proactive strategist: creating new strategies and ways to adapt as each new situation arises.

Because of this I am confident that I can succeed and I'm no longer a victim of my circumstances. I create my choices and my experience; my experience does not create me. I am not a victim. This mental shift was a crucial lesson I learned from working with Lisa. There is no good or bad-no judgment. There is only effective and ineffective. When you take judgment out of situations, you get the freedom to participate in your life and engage in trial and error. Before Lisa's class, I was afraid to try to heal because of the risk of failure and judgment around that. Now I'm a Health Coach and I teach my clients daily, "There is no judgment, only effective and ineffective. Simply try the new way of doing things and if it doesn't work out the way you planned, don't worry, it's just information. It simply means we need to adjust something in the strategy-not that there is something wrong with you. We can then take that information and adjust the strategy."

This perspective has changed the way I experience everything and I attribute all of these lessons to Dr. Lisa Galper. Becoming an effective weight manager is really just about becoming an effective life manager. I never realized to what extent I would be better at coping with stress, managing my emotions and having successful relationships in addition to learning how to deal with my food issues. There was a deep internal healing that took place on a lot of levels for me in working with Lisa. When I first met Lisa she said that recovery was all about healing shame and learning strategy. I never realized the shame I had and the level of healing that was even possible. I also never realized that I would have lifelong tools to support me even without a therapist by my side. The lessons I learned with Dr. Galper have permeated every area of my life.

Taking personal responsibility and feeling self-efficacy around your choices is life changing. Then you master whatever is next, using the exact same principles and strategies. Trust me; she's really got something here. This is not just a quick fix program. It's really something different and unique--and I've had my share of therapy! It's smart. It's long term. It's something you can take with you everywhere, forever. It's the answer.

R. B., Phoenix, AZ

Now I understand that it is my thinking and emotions that cause me to use food as a means to temporarily get relief from pain, fear, anxiety, and depression-and even to punish myself when I felt joy.

S. A., Phoenix, AZ

I really listened and heard my inner voice which then led to giving myself permission to: like myself for who I am now in this moment not feel "guilty" about eating "bad" things (which now you know I don't consider these as " bad") feel things that were uncomfortable be proud of myself stand taller acknowledge my own knowledge and wisdom Thanks, Dr. Galper!

C. D., Phoenix, AZ

What I got was a sense of belonging and a connection to others and to the choices I really did have. If a person does not see that they do have a choice, then there is NO choice. I also learned a sense of being an active participant in my own life overall and in my weight loss process specifically. It went way beyond the weight loss for me.

I had taken weight off before but had never felt like I was the one in charge. The eating light was on or off and that had little to do with me. The gift I got was that it had everything to do with me! I had within me the power to choose and that I could and did learn the tools to use that power for my own healing and growing. What is happening in my life now is that I can be present to participate and witness my own transformation, because for the first time I am participating and committing to my becoming whoever I am meant to be.

B. B., Phoenix, AZ

I started your program because I wanted to lose some weight. But what I really got out of it was HOPE. You see, for years I hated myself over food. I worried myself sick over it. Now I have a new relationship and a new attitude thanks to what you teach about mindful eating. The hope piece is priceless. I know I am just beginning, but already I feel free for the first time ever.

N. P., Phoenix, AZ

The single most beneficial thing I learned was to understand BALANCE. I joined to lose weight, but found out that diet was not the answer. I had to find the reason for my weight gain, learn the signals and signs related to eating, and be taught what and how to eat. I finally came to understand that Thoughts and Feelings plus Action equals RESULTS.

Then and only then I began to understand I needed to have a lifestyle change for long-term weight loss and a completely new way to eat. It's not the calories or the programs out there that work for weight loss--they are just temporary cures. For the long term, it's about having your head on straight and being in charge. Never be on a diet, but be in complete BALANCE all the time. If you fall, just begin again. Get your power back and it will work. I will also tell you to find the help you need to get the job done. I chose a dietician, a trainer and Dr. Galper to keep it all together.

F. H., Phoenix, AZ

I didn't expect that I'd be able to adopt a lifestyle that allowed me to maintain my weight loss. I didn't expect that along the way I'd learn coping skills to manage the stressors in the other areas of my life. The skills I've been taught can be applied to any situation that I face in life.

G. F., Phoenix, AZ

I joined this program because I wanted to drop weight and understand why I got into this situation. I never thought I'd be able to understand fully how I got into this condition. Through Dr. Galper's sessions and classes, I learned not only how to eat mindfully but to understand the emotional causes behind my eating and how it affects me in the long term.

Dr. Galper gave me the tools to understand my own body and master my relationship with food. She was a godsend! All the tools she used brought me peace and were some of the most vital and life-changing tools I've encountered in my life.

V. B., Phoenix, AZ

Now I feel peaceful in my own skin and not driven to use food for comfort or distraction.

T.W., Phoenix, AZ

I knew that if I could change my eating habits, it would change my life. What I really could not anticipate or appreciate is the unbelievable and indescribable feeling of knowing that I am accomplishing the hardest thing I have ever done.

Other difficult and painful things have happened in my life, but I always had food to rely on. Now I am learning to rely only on me. It is a powerful emotion and thought to know that "I am unstoppable and I can do this.

M.T., Phoenix, AZ

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