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End Emotional Eating – The Course | Learn More

Develop a healthy relationship with food! During these sessions you will learn the tools and strategies to finally put an end to emotional eating. This course teaches you the skills you need to regain your Power Over Food. Classes are interactive, insightful, and invaluable for developing a new and healthy relationship with food. 

Power Over Food Workshops
On-Going Support for Staying the Course | See Up Coming Workshops 

Most of us need on-going support for managing our Power Over Food. Benefit from the specially designed workshops and classes. 

Individual Counseling or Group Counseling
for Power Over Food 
| Schedule NOW

Some of us want to deal with our struggles with food in a more private way.  Schedule one-on-one time with Dr.Lisa either at her office or by phone. Group Counseling is also available.

All Classes and Consultations are held in Scottsdale Arizona.
Specific locations will vary based on event.

Office Location:
8010 East Morgan Trail
Suite 12
Scottsdale, AZ 85258



Dear Dr. Galper The single greatest benefit I got from your program was learning how to take care of myself. I was always good at taking care of everyone else. The pounds melted away and I realized that I could look at a brownie with cream cheese frosting two miles high and not care whether I had a bite or not. The food was no longer important. And if I really, really, really wanted a bite or two, I could have them without negative feelings or emotions.

-C.P. / Phoenix, AZ

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