End Emotional Eating Class Course Descriptions

Coming to Terms With Emotional Eating

What is emotional eating and how does it impact your life? This question is answered during this class. You will learn the language of emotional eating, the impact of emotional eating and the language of emotions. You walk away with a new perspective of food and your emotions.

Keys to Becoming a Lifelong Weight Manager

You learn that achieving a healthy weight is about more than just “eat less and exercise more.” You begin developing and using the necessary tools to take charge of emotional eating.  And you continue creating a community of people who share common challenges and goals.

It’s All in Your Head – Or is it?

This is the most powerful tool for managing your weight! You will learn to distinguish between physical hunger and the cues that lead to overeating. In this course you discover the quantity of food and frequency of eating that is right for you.

Mind and Mood Matters

Cravings and food preferences are powerful drivers for overeating.  You will explore the relationship between your brain chemistry, your emotional states and the resulting food choices you make.

Mindful Eating

During this hands on class, you will learn steps to integrate mindfulness into your eating behaviors as well as other aspects of your life. You will walk away from this session knowing how to derive greater satisfaction from your food and more awareness of the sources of problematic behavior patterns.

Dialing Down Emotional Intensity

You know that when your emotions are intense, overeating is often your first choice at self-soothing. That’s absolutely normal, yet not health enhancing. Learn first hand how to identify the emotional drives that may lead to overeating and develop a “toolbox” of good emotional management skills – for eating and for living.

Dodging the Triggers that Trip You Up

You trip on them every day – social events, boredom, loneliness, emotional discomfort and 

environmental food cues. Those triggers can override your best intentions and send them out the door. You will be given strategies to cope more effectively with these obstacles to weight management.

When You Talk to Yourself, What do you say?

If you are like most people, you have a little voice in your head that directs the choices you make in your daily life. And most of the dialogue creates obstacles to long-term change. You will learn how to re-script the messages to enhance motivation and self-esteem. And when you feel better, you make better choices.

How Diet Mentality Sabotages You

Your list of “forbidden foods” has probably grown to the point that you feel nothing is “good” for you or you succumb to “all or nothing” thinking that creates guilt around eating. This session helps you balance eating for health and eating for pleasure – both necessary for long term success.

Stress Less, Lose More Through Balanced Living

Scientific research is confirming what we already know. Stress leads to both biological and psychological challenges to reaching your weight loss goal. We will address the E-word and help you integrate exercise (at your pace) for more life balance. By this session, you will be ready to move more, sit less.

Who’s in Your Corner?

Just like it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a village of support to achieve personal goals. In this class you will learn how relationships with others impact your weight loss efforts. You will be able to identify those well-intentioned people who can become weight loss saboteurs. And you’ll walk away with tips on how to create a healthy support system.

Master Self-Motivation

Learn to rely on your own sense of control to continue your commitment to eat for health and not only for soothing. You will gain insights about turning will-power into skill-power. You will learn to trust yourself and your newly discovered power over food. 


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