Topics I Teach

Workshops for Effective Strategies and Proven Results

This is a small sampling of Dr Galper’s curriculum:

  • “Why Willpower NEVER Lasts, and What You’ll Do Instead”
  • “From Willpower to Skillpower”
  • “How to Avoid or Stop Eating when You’re Not Hungry”
  • “Head Hunger vs. Body Hunger”
  • “Mindful Eating for Permanent Weight Loss”
  • “The Secret of Kindness as a Weight Loss Tool”
  • “Eliminate Dieter’s Mentality”
  • “Avoid Weight Loss Sabotage”
  • “Build a Better Body Image”
  • “Self Esteem: The Best Motivator of All”
  • “Stress Less, Eat Less”
  • “Don’t Let your Environment Dictate what You Eat”
  • “Manage Relationships to Manage your Weight”
  • “Satisfaction is Physical and Emotional”
  • “Journaling for Emotional Eaters”
  • “Victory over Emotional Eating”
  • “Small Goals lead to Big Success”
  • “Managing those Creamy, Crunchy, Crazy Cravings”
  • “Satisfaction without Food: Cultivating Happiness”
  • “How to Stop a Binge”
  • “Get Back on Track”
  • “Extreme Self Care: Delight Yourself”
  • “Keep Your Motivation Alive”
  • The Psychology of Personalizing Food Plans
  • and more!


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